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Company history

Single-Phase Power was registered as a company in 2006 with the business idea of developing technology for power production based on recycling heat from waste incineration. Several pilot installations was made for test and design verification purposes, before the first commercial installation was done at Tine’s diary plant in Byrkjelo, Norway, 2011. Following year Tine ordered one more engine for a second diary plant at Frya in Norway.

The Single-Phase Power HighLift technology is based on recent discoveries and research into the Stirling cycle described above. Besides its original design as a heat engine, the Stirling cycle is widely used for cryogenic cooling. In 1982 a professor at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, Ivo Kolin, demonstrated that the Stirling cycle could be optimized as an engine for low temperature differences. The process was gradually better understood until prof. James Senft at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, U.S.A, presented an engine that ran on an impressive temperature difference of 0.5 K. SPP is one of the first companies to realise that the process can be scaled to any temperature difference, and that this allows both high temperature heat pumps and waste heat power plants. Having combined this knowledge with the reliable and proven large scale diesel engine technology, the result is a new heat pump technology called HighLift.

Single-Phase Powers technology is a major step forward compared to previous technologies, as well as for the previously accepted estimations of how the Stirling cycle will behave at these temperatures. Single-Phase Power has been awarded several prices for its revolutionary energy recycling technology among them “Varmepumpeprisen” by Novap (Norwegian heat pump association) in 2011 and “Innovation award” from OREEC (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster) in 2013.

Our business idea is to deliver energy as heat, cooling or electricity to industrial customers recycled from excess heat from industry processes or other sources. We design and manufacture the Single-Phase Power HighLift heat pumps and provide lifelong service and maintenance contracts for our heat pumps in operation.

The "Single-Phase" in the company name refers to the single-phase of the working medium (i.e. solid, liquid, vapour).

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